Entry #5

Looking for voice-actors!

2009-07-14 11:21:47 by Dimanti-San

Hello there,

I am working on a series of short scetches about the PMC-soldiers in MGS4.
It would be nice if you are familiar with the Metal Gear games, but it's not a must.

I am looking for voice-actors for:
-and if possible 'Old Snake'

If you're not a voice-actor, but still want to help, I can always use an extra hand.
Ideas and suggestion are also very welcome.

Here's a screenshot to spark your interest: (hopefully...)

Looking for voice-actors!


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2009-07-14 11:28:41

I would love to help! Here is a sample of my work. PM me if interested.

http://fornoreason.newgrounds.com/new s/post/336514

Dimanti-San responds:

I've send you a PM, hope I 'hear' (ohw, that cracks me up :|) from you soon.


2009-07-14 19:46:23

Hi there,
I'd be willing to help you out as well, a link to my body of work can be found in my profile, I hope this helps you out. :)

Dimanti-San responds:

I should've looked for voice-actors earlier, there seem to be a lot of talented voice-actors, just waiting for a chance. :P
I've send you a PM.


2009-08-14 03:47:27

Looks good dimanti, i'd help out but i don't have a mike...